ITAD Recovery Logistics

Proper logistics management can be one of the most critical aspects of a successful IT asset recovery engagement. To minimize internal labor costs for our clients, we can handle the entire process, from de-installation of equipment from server racks to packing/shipping devices to a processing facility. Our nationwide crews are fully insured and professionally trained to handle all types of IT-related equipment.

Data Centers

By utilizing our highly developed logistics network, we can de-install and remove any data center IT asset. We can safely haul out fully populated cabinets or de-rack assets and palletize for shipping. We have the expertise to disassemble tape libraries and telecom cabinets completely.
We will also work with building management for insurance and security approval before arrival to the job site. We regularly work with colocation providers and customer-owned data centers all over the country.

Office / Workplace

Proper packaging of LCD monitors, laptops, and mobile devices is critical to maintaining residual value. Our nationwide team of asset recovery professionals will come on-site to retrieve loosely stored IT assets and package them for safe shipping to one of our processing facilities. The equipment is well-protected in transit with chain-of-custody and tracking in place.

This can truly be a hands-off experience for your IT and facilities staff!

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