ITAD USA offers several hard drive destruction options all meeting industry and government requirements, including witness or video destruction. Offering both on-site and facility destruction ITAD USA gives you full control and peace of mind over the security of your data. 


There are many forms of destruction available with ITAD USA. We can come on site to your facility and capture the serial numbers of all HDD and then punch or shred them right at your facility. We can also bring the data-bearing devices back to our secure facility.

ITAD USA can also provide a Certificate of Destruction, referencing these data bearing devices as an extra level of indemnification.


If you are looking for some financial returns on your HDDs, we also offer a NIST 800-88 compliant, three (3) pass sanitization process of all data. Fully functional, re-formatted data bearing-devices are then offered into secondary markets to maximize recovery revenue share solutions. This is an opportunity for an additional revenue stream to for your end-of-life assets.

When the sensitivity of the data is less critical, ITAD USA can offer a single pass, testing, re-formatting solutions. Contact us for details.