No business is the same, so your IT Asset Disposition plan shouldn’t be, either. At ITAD USA every customer has a 100% custom-designed solution. Our experts will work closely with you to find a program that meets all of your IT asset disposition requirements and needs. Some of these options include Parts Harvesting, Redeployment, Recycling, and Resale. 


If certain parts of an asset are broken or need destruction there may be components that still have secondary value, offering another opportunity to offset your processing investment


ITAD USA partners with thoroughly vetted electronic recycling firms  to ensure your material is properly recycled in accordance with the highest level of standards. Also, with these close partnership ITAD USA is able to decrease the handling charge our competitors have by ‘remarketing’ your material. Our downstream solution improves the opportunity for recovery revenue from your asset disposition that can go directly to your bottom line.


For those assets, with your approval, that have a second life through resale, ITAD USA has international market relationships that can sell most any technology product.  After confirmation of sale, the recovery generated is often part of a revenue share agreement resulting in an overall credit against processing investment or payment.


As an additional option, you may direct the final disposition of your sanitized assets with a second useful life. These options include:


ITAD USA will perform the following services prior to disbursement:

  • Functionality Testing
  • Re-imaging
  • Re-configuration


ITAD USA can perform the same services as internet distribution.


As an option, you can forgo the credit generated from disposition and make a donation to one of several of charities that ITAD USA works with as cash contribution. If you choose this option ITAD USA will make a 10% contribution on top of your donation.